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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  October 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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to create housing for the homeless and why many are voicing their concerns. "and rain is advancing on eastern iowa, we'll be tracking it in your weatherfirst forecast." forecast.""critics of iowa's and why many are voicing their concerns. >> ring is advancing on eastern iowa. we will be talking in your weather first forecast. >> i was voting laws are up."'historic night in sports and everybody from corridor bars to apparel shops are putting on the cuibbie blue - - if they can find it.' it.' stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. good evening - karen is off tonight - i'm scott sanborn.a controversial apartment complex proposed in cedar rapids will not go up as some had hoped. 2 news reporter dora miller attended a packed city council meeting where many opposed to the plan obviously made their voices heard, dora.
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home happy...more than 500 petition signatures later -- and the proposed crestwood apartment complex failed to pass city council's vote. tonight. more than 500 petition signatures later in the city council failed to pass the proposal for qwest word apartments. inside the council chambers standing room only as some of the main issues were revisited in the case of why this complex should remain just an idea. potential neighbors had the project that would sit on edgewood road say concerned about traffic issues in the area. sewer runoff and one major issue school capacity. people who support the projects they it is less about the aesthetic value of the three- story complex. they say helping the homeless population is far more important. >> because of the supporting housing my mother could afford and provide us food. without shelter everything else falls apart. >> people bought houses in
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certain schools. there must be other appropriate places than cedar rapids. >> not the right fit, that's what we heard. mayor ron corbett says it was not enough in argument to have the complex at that location to
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with a traffic al. alert.a new round of bridge inspections in cedar rapids will take place tomorrow.the follow-up check after last month's flood will force some lane closures on the second, third, eighth and 16th avenue bridge found all structures safe to use, but the city wants to make sure there's no long-term maintenance they should address sooner rather than later. some confusion now surrounding the cleanup of flood 2016. organizers are now working to get rid of sandbags in cedar rapids.this follows a report yesterday that claimed area businesses could be fined for leaving sandbags out.economic leaders tell cbs 2 news those reports out. economic leaders tell us those
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no intention of issuing any fines. businesses still need to get rid of sandbags can do so for free at two locations. one is at the parking lot underneath i-380 between second and third avenue southwest. the other is between quaker oats endocardial plant at the alliant energy plant site. >> now have new information after a car slammed into a school bus on monday afternoon. linn county authorities tell cbs news it happened on highway 151 on stone wrote springville at 3:30. hospital with life-threatening injuries.a female student on the bus who suffered minor injuries - will be word right now on what lead to the crash. an iowa supreme court ruling this year upheld a ban on voting rights for iowans convicted of any 2 news statehouse reporter steffi lee spoke with a new coalition -- -working to change that state l. statehouse reporter steffi lee spoke with a new coalition working to change that state
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supreme court ruling on felon's voting rights hurts more than it helps."one of the things we discovered is how many people want to register to vote but cannot because of a felony conviction in their past."bonnie pitz with the league of women voters of iowa champions everyone's right to vote.she's not alone saying current voting laws in iowa - are devastating to democracy."we need to down this wall -- iowa has been at the top of so many disparities -- that it's really a shame that we aren't taking radical steps to make changes for our citizens."both were among several groups gathering tuesday at a press conference to announce a new groups gathering on tuesday conference to announce a new coalition aiming to restore voting rights for nonviolent felons. >> not all fellows are alike. >> aclu iowa says lawmakers
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bill to automatically restore voting rights to nonviolent felons after they have completed their sentence. this would happen regardless of outstanding court costs. >> they are also pressing for this change to the iowa constitution. the governor terry branstad remains opposed to a constitutional amendment. he says the process for felons to regain their voting rights application. >> phones can earn their rights back. it ought to be automatic and without meeting your obligations in society without paying your fines and court costs -- >> secretary of state paul pate tells cbs 2 news he abides by the constitution and to educate felons on how they can apply to restore their
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they can reach out to these felons and help them fill out the twelve questions on the form and help them get their voting privileges back now - i'm just not seeing it right the 12 questions on the form and help them get their voting privileges back. i'm not seeing it right now.>> two weeks from now we should learn who will become the next president of the united states. scott thuman is taking a train to talk to voters in some of the biggest battleground states and what they have to sa intimates be on the podium. >> reporter: day two of our whistle stop tour of battleground states where we are in richmond virginia. in 2002, 2004 voted republican. the last two cycles was democrat. we begin our day in pennsylvania. >> first stop pennsylvania. it's one of the vital up for grabs states with 20 electoral votes and with the democratic trend of late. we talked with
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maybe pointed that way again. the city of brotherly love it was health and physical happiness. >> if donald trump gets in the healthcare will change. it will change for the worst. >> the gap between the haves and have not is too great. it's a matter of time before it blows up in the nation's face. >> that's not to say that clinton does not worry voters also. >> because of my age i medicare and if i'm not mistaken -- mistaken mister hillary clinton says she won't bother with it. a lot of time they say what they intend to do but once they are in office it's different. >> we headed south to virginia. the state seemingly in an identity crisis. one reason is purple battleground may be leaning senator:though issues matter
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head southa&tomorrow we'll be reporting from north carolina and georgiaa&in richmond, virginia, i'm scott thuman. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in tipton tonight - police are investigating a crash at a local happened at the citizens bank on cedar street at about noon today. officials tell cbs 2 news the truck came through the window and hit the teller one was hurt.the condition of the driver is not known tonight. right now in marion - the linn mar school district is planning some major changes to help with overcrowding. the
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middle school for fifth through seventh grade. that means eighth and ninth graders will go to what is the current middle school. tenth through 12th graders will attend the high school. district officials tell cbs 2 news - this plan is the most fiscally responsible. it will take one to three years to make all the changes. in iowa city tonight - city leaders are working to keep homes warm this winter. working to keep homes this winter. it's called the energy efficiency program. homeowners requirements may get a zero interest loans to help install upgrades. also rebates are available and partial loan forgiveness if you live in one of the target neighborhoods. city levers -- leaders say if you're interested in this program you should apply as soon as possible. crisis center of johnson county is accepting monetary donations to help ensure that needy families don't go hungry. this marks the 29th year of the campaign. last year, the non-profit fed four-
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18-hundred will be distributed to families right before christmas. christmas.we have more information about the project holiday campaign at cbs two iowa dot com. v-w owners will soone be able to cash-in on a company buyback..a settlement has now been reached in the volkswagen emissions-cheating scandal.a federal judge approved the 15-billion-dollar deal today. the buy-backs start next week. earlier this year, the automaker acknowledged cheating on emissions testing road.customers are also eligible for a cash payment of up to 10-thousand dollars. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still to come... come...cubs craziness captured the corridor! how baseball fans are celebrating the world
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tomorrow on you've heard of the explosive devices - with those malfunctioning lithium ion batteries - now find out the new tool being consider - to stop the smoke and flames. that's tomorrow on 2. >> chief meteorologist terry swails is joining us right now. >> it is not a very nice night out there. not only have we had rain we've had thunderstorms and it's
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we will see how fast we can get rid of this. i think it will last till tomorrow morning. then the weather will improve again for the upcoming weekend. right now it is nasty out there with the gusty winds in cedar rapids. our temperatures at 40 degrees. some of those wind gusts up 25 miles per hour and with the temperature at 48 you should sit inside enjoy the evening. only 45 and a wine in charles city. everyone tonight experiencing brisk winds out of the east southeast and clouds and scattered showers and thunderstorms. you can see the forest that's generating these showers and storms is moving from southwest to northeast. from waterloo to cedar rapids the rain is going to end in the next few hours as this line pushes northeast but there's another batch that is further to the west and that will arrive later on tonight into tomorrow
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as you can see in our northern counties we have active thunderstorms moving around. some of these have been dumping local heavy rains. as you go to the south, the rains are much less intense in this area and they have come to an end from waterloo to cedar rapids and the northeast of iowa city. a little break in this region for more rain arrives later on tonight. as we go to the satellite, our storm system responsible for this is west of us and tomorrow a low pressure will head across southern iowa and should go through our southern counties. that will keep the clouds in here and what's this rain moves on by the secondary will develop in here later tonight and tomorrow morning. we will go to our model and show you how this works. is his at 1:00 in the morning and you could see the rains have gone to the northern counties and finally by the time we get to 3 am here comes that next
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the west of tama. by four 5:00 in the morning you could see the big area of red and yellow advancing across eastern iowa so it looks another good burst of rain tonight and tomorrow morning. it will come to an end and after that it will be clouds and cool temperatures for a good portion of the date. as far as our total precipitation goes this is where we are expecting heavier rains. along and north highway 20. we could get an inch to 2 in spots and as you go further to the south the rain totals will be later. tonight's forecast has 43 to the north end -- and 52 in the south. for tomorrow mostly cloudy skies and showers are likely through the morning hours . look at the temperatures from 64 and washington 246 in
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and 49 in dubuque. here's your extended forecast. another cool day on thursday but the sun will be back out. friday and saturday we are back in the 70s. halloween day it looks pretty good. temperatures of 74 degrees. >> next on cbs 2 news a historic night for baseball. how corridor fans are cheering on the cubs. >> listen throughout the day
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it's heartbreaking, but true. as a millionaire c.e.o., rod blum laid off over 70 employees, but he took millions in stock and bonuses. it gets worse. in washington, blum supported special tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas and millionaires like himself. i'll tell you what i think is missing in washington -- common sense. it's about investing in jobs and our economy. it's about investing right here at home. is message. the road to a historic world series finally opened >> the road to a historic world series open for fans tonight.
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for a title is to come to an end. here in eastern iowa many went to see the chicago cubs smash their 108 year drought. matt hammill has more on how the corridor fans are rooting for the type. >> it's the excitement that has been building for weeks if not decades. >> we have waited 10 years for this. now it's here. >> inside wrigley veil of a new co have a shot -- >> i can't think of that you waited for something your whole life and now it's here. there are no words. >> at fans sports apparel that caps, hoodies and that shirt waiting so it was pretty nuts.. " life long cubs fan - adam henderson - says everybody wants their cubbie it was crazy. >> lifelong cub fan says everyone wants their cubby blue and some stop before hitting
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>> we've had customers that are going to cleveland for the games because it's 71% cheaper to go scoring his shirt - and has to have it for history. history." never seen the cubs ever in a world series along with most people so everybody's like here's the cubs year you know break that 108 year spell. " " my w flag got caught on a pole . " and katie likes - loves her cubs - she's been decked out for weeks. the stands - for game four. " i've been a cubs fan since i was a little girl so i'm excited .. i'm really excited, we're going to wrigley this weekend so it's gonna be really fun. " " go cubs go. " matt hammill reporting.there are many out there predicting that the cubs will win this year's world series.but one man, more than anyone, can say he was ?way? ahead of the curve. curve.take a look at this.a 19-93 high school graduation
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lee put under his picture "chicago cubs, 2016 world champions. you heard it here first."this is not a photoshop prank.he really did this 23 years ago.the lifelong cubs fan now lives in friend told cbs news that, if lee's prediction turns out to be right quote: "he never buys a beer again in chicago." and coming up in sports sportsit's jeremy morgan's world -- and the valley is the former trojan recived from the m-v-c -- next on cbs 2. 2. why are you checking your credit score? the m-v-c -- next on cbs 2. 2. i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they?
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i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. all right. no more surprises.
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school history -- the missouri valley has named a panther as their preseason player of the year -- and that man -- is non other than jeremy for the third time in school history the missouri valley and have made a panther as their preseason player of the year. batman nine over then morgan. last season as a junior he had -- in a he's taking on a bigger role. coach jake knows his senior leader is ready. >> jeremy is ready and ready to take that on. he has prepared himself well. i think we have seen at different times how good of a
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he knows he's going to be counted on to do more and is excited about it. we are excited for him. we are proud of what jeremy has done and who he is. >> as 18 the panthers are picked to finish third behind wichita state in illinois state. the champs received one first- place vote. the tip of the season november 12. on the women's side and the panthers were picked to finish second. the bobcat averaged nearly 18 points per game last year and tonya warns only senior returning. kennedy volleyball team made it all the way to the seller's season ago put their trip to state was cut short. the cougars were bounced in the
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the regional semi final between kennedy and marshalltown and houses for start. the cougars set up debbie meyer and she sends one at me. literally the ball hit me and myers was like no big deal. later in the set more kennedy. it's page with a knuckle down the line. they will host dowling catholic . down 42nd street savior in fort madison had hops for breakf the saints when the first set. moves on to the regional finals with a sweep -- they'll face clinton on monday former city high standout -- a.j. derby -- has found a new home in the n-f-l -- the 6th round pick of the 2015 draft -- is headed to denver -- derby spent all of last year on injured reserve -- but stood out in the preseason -- catching 15 passes for 189 yards and a touchdown with the patriots. that's a check of sports.terry is back with a final look at
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i
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soon, you can >> pretty soon thin mints for breakfast without feeling guilty. that's right, coming soon to a serial i/o near you your samoas-- will hit store
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thanks for watching your cbs 2
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sometimes, maybe it's worth listening to a politician. take congressman rod blum. on social security, blum doesn't just back the republican special interest agenda-- he's campaigning on it. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum supported benefit cuts by voting to raise social security's retirement age. so if you care about a secure retirement, listen to rod blum:
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house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: stephen. stephen. huh. you know, i wonder how my life would be different fispelled it with a hmmm... ( laughter ) >> you're awesome, steven with a "v." >> stephen: i know! ( laughter ) i smoke? no, no, no. "p" "h" it is.


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